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Dining Table Leaf Placemat, Aura Vertical Embroidered Cotton Organdy, White,15x19”
  • $29.99
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Dining Table Placemat Horizontal Embroidered Aura Leaf, White, 15"x19”
  • $68.74
  • From $39.99

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Dining Table Placemat, Medallion Aura, Handmade Embroidered, White, 15"x19”
  • From $39.99

Unlike other homestyle dining experiences, ours is a little more special. Each piece is handcrafted with care and efforts from talented artisans in India. Each and every one of our handmade placemats is unique and varies from each other. Our options extend from beaded placemats to embroidered placemats of your choice. The round placemats are made of natural wood and glass which are hand beaded into swirling designs of famous motifs like the ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Zen Yin-Yang’. Our range of flair reaches from modern to a boho style. All of our placemats protect the table from spills and add a handmade elegance to your dining room. On the other hand, semi sheer embroidered placemats offer a delicate and minimalistic option.